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What Our Customers Say

Duke University and Health System HR has been using the medical terminology word-building materials and technique for the last 6 months. Your process fits well with our client population - medical clerical, billing, collections, medical students, clinic staff, etc. It is easy to follow, easy to instruct and fun to learn. Thank you for a great product for talent development news.



The Course

This is a great medical device training course for beginner, the experienced, and everyone in between! WHY? Because this course teaches you how medical terms are ‘built’ or ‘put together’ instead of you memorizing meaningless medical words you’ll seldom or never use.

The course will take you 3 weeks or less to complete based on a study time of 1-2 hours per day, plus practicing with the learning tools.

You can complete the course in 15 to 24 hours of study time! 

  • Each chapter begins with a short analysis of the ‘word building’ rules and concepts. 
  • Then you do practice exercises to reinforce the rules and concepts you have just learned. 
  • At the end of each chapter there is a test that to measure your progress before going on.
  • Three invaluable Learning Tools accelerate your learning experience.

The Course Stresses Learn-By-Doing.

You read the course material and then complete the chapter exercises. There are many chapter exercises throughout the course with the answers immediately available. This provides you with instant feedback and greatly improves your learning experience. As a great teacher once said: I hear and I forget. I see and I remember. I do and I understand.- Confucius (551 BC - 479 BC)

The Method

You learn how to recognize the meaning of a medical term by dividing the word into its three basic component parts: the prefix, root and suffix. By knowing the meanings of the prefixes, suffixes, and root words, you can easily make sense of a medical term. We will be using our LMS to do this. What is learning management system?

For example, if you see a medical term containing the root word ‘cardi’ and the suffix ‘itis’, you know that the term has to do with an ‘inflamed’ (itis) ‘heart’ (cardi).This technique of word building is a simple and straightforward way to learn medical terminology without long hours of memorizing the medical dictionary.

To see a complete outline of the course, Click here


Remember, if you learn 500 medical terms you only know 500 medical terms. However, if you learn 500 components (prefixes, roots, suffixes) you can understand a medical glossary.


The course is offered in three modes...

Text Book Click here for more information on the text book
CDROM Click here for information on CDROM Training.
Internet Click here for more information on Internet Training